How do I load 12 data sets and bind into 1 data.frame

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It can be helpful with questions like this where a reproducible example is difficult to provide to be more exact in your question. Is your data in text files? .csv files? Excel spreadsheets? Is there a directory of them or are they floating around in your Documents folder unsorted?

I'd expect your code to end up looking something like:

files = list.files(path = my_path, full.names = T)
data = purrr::map_dfr(.x = files, .f = readr::read_csv)

{purrr} is the package that lets you easily iterate over lists of things (like file paths, for example!)

Also, depending on what you're trying to read in, I'd look at either {readr} or {readxl}:

Thank you so much.
My files are in .csv format
They are located in a folder on my desktop called "Divvy_Trips_CSVs"

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