How do I import local files into the cloud for use with RStudio Cloud?

I'm just getting started with RStudio Cloud and am taking an online course that requires using specific data sets. I've got the excel file downloaded to my computer but when I hit "import Excel data" it summons this directory I don't recognize. It looks to be a cloud file system RStudio can pull from which is great and all but I'm just unsure how to import files from my actual computer to use there. I'm using a Chromebook if that's a factor.


Hi @Frederick_Henry: What you're seeing is trying to import files that are in your directories. To get files from your local machine to, click on the 'Files' tab in the lower right, and you should see an 'Upload' button.

Ha, can't believe I missed such an obvious upload button. Thanks so much, Dromano!

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