How do I import a local csv file?

When ever I try and import a csv from my computer to Rstudio Cloud I get this error, "Unexpected response from server"? How do I import local files?

I'm not sure how you are going about it but it is not possible to import a csv file, which is located on your computer straight to RStudio Cloud. First, you need to upload the data to your RStudio Cloud project. You can do so with the "Upload" button locaedd as one of the top menus in under the Files tab.

you need to use this script to import a csv file inside the R studio:

setwd('D:\ ..... you need to write where you save you file, in which folder')
read.table<-read.csv('here you need to write the name of the file, for example CHL.csv',sep=';',dec=',',head=TRUE)

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