How Do I Get More Memory, Space, Projects, and Students for my RStudio.Cloud Course?

What is the individual file limit projects? e.g., GitHub has something like 100MB limit per file
{related} Are there file size constraints?

Do we have to ask for permission to add more than 10 students for each workspace? or can I ask a single time?
{related} It seems like we do not need to request anything if our group is under 25 students, is that correct?

I'm teaching an "Intro to Deep Learning" course online next month and this looks like it could solve a lot of issues I think I might have with controlling 60-70 different installs etc., but they will probably need substantial computation time. Is there anything I should take into account specifically on the computation-side of things in RStudio Cloud?

Questions originally from Teaching R online with RStudio Cloud - Webinar Follow-Up

Each project is allocated 1GB of RAM.

Each account is allocated one private space, with up to 10 members (including the workspace admin, i.e. the instructor) and 25 projects. You can submit a request to the RStudio Cloud team for more capacity if you hit one of these space limits, and we will do our best to accommodate you. You do need to put in a request for an increase in members for each workspace. If you are using a Professional account, you will not encounter these space limits.

You will want to try out your assignments with the default memory limit, and if you find that it's not sufficient, you can request a memory increase.

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