How Do I Flag?

Flagging a topic or reply brings it to the attention of sustainers and the site’s admin.

How to Flag

  1. Below the topic or reply-post to be flagged, click the “...” ellipses to reveal the flag icon.

  1. Click flag

  1. Indicate why you are flagging this post.

In many cases Something Else will be the most appropriate option.

Some facts about flagging

  • Your flags does not necessarily harm user reputations. Low flag counts don’t affect how users may use the site. Flags that do not indicate violations of policy or bad behavior will not be kept in the system. So do not be offended if you happen to be flagged, and don't stop yourself from flagging someone because you think you might cause harm or offense.
  • Flagging is (mostly) anonymous. Users can see that they have been flagged, but not by whom. Site admins and some sustainers will see that you created the flag.
  • Flag Discussions. Flagging opens a discussion among sustainers and site admins. Feel free to offer your two cents. Maybe we need a better policy or resource? Maybe we need to ban this person?

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