How do I find the .RData file that's making my session unresponsive?

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I have the same issue maybe for the same reason, but where can you find and how can you understand which .RData file is the root of the issue? I still don't understand why this still happen if I unistall everythig (RStudio + R) but maybe I need more experience.

I cannot do what Cole says because I cannot open RStudio so I cannot manage the Global Options.



This is a great question. So the trick here is that uninstalling R / RStudio will not necessarily remove the .RData files. The easiest way to find them depends on your operating system. On a linux operating system (and Mac, for that matter), the files can be hidden. As a result, the easiest way to find them is by listing the directory using something like ls -a (which shows all objects).

The usual culprits:

  • $HOME or your home directory /home/myusername on linux
  • The project directory that you were most recently working in

There are other ways to find big .RData files for removing them, but it would be helpful to know what operating system you are on and what type of the RStudio IDE are you using? Desktop? Server?


Thanks Cole,

I found where the .Rdata was stored and after the removal it works again. I have a desktop version on windows 10, so it was stored in a folder called R under a User directory outside the directories of the softwares


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