How do I display actual values instead of "0e+00, 1e+04..." next to the y axis?

Hi, I'm a beginner, thanks to everybody for your help
How do I display the actual values next to the Y axis instead of "0e+00" etc?

readytable %>%
mutate(weekday = wday(start_time, label = TRUE)) %>%
group_by(usertype, weekday) %>%
summarise(number_of_rides = n()
,average_duration = mean(tripseconds)) %>%
arrange(usertype, weekday) %>%
ggplot(aes(x = weekday, y = number_of_rides, fill = usertype)) +
geom_col(position = "dodge")

Try label_number() from scales package.

scale_y_continous(labels = label_number())

thanks a lot, it worked perfectly
I added + scale_y_continuous(labels = label_number()) to the code and it fixed it

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