How do I create R Markdown HTML doc?

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I am trying to create a R Markdown HTML document with code chunks to show my code is reproducible and allow anyone to practice the code on their own.

When I select the Knit to HTML this is the error code that is returned:

processing file: Cyclistic-Bikes-Deliverable.rmd
  |......................                              |  43% [unnamed-chunk-2]
Quitting from lines 30-31 [unnamed-chunk-2] (Cyclistic-Bikes-Deliverable.rmd)
Error in `.External2()`:
! unable to start data viewer
 1. utils::View(dataset2)
Execution halted

Does anyone know how to generate the document, I am not sure why I am getting this message?

KInd Regards,

Likely the problem is that View doesn't make any sense in a Markdown document. View opens a want something that goes into the document.

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Thanks, that was it! How else can I show the dataset table in the Markdown? I still wanted the audience to what I am working with.

Look at the kable function.

Something like this?

title: "Opus Meum"
author: "john the toucanite"
date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
output: html_document

```{r mydata}

dat1 <- data.frame(aa = 1:5, bb = 5:1)

Or you could do something like
dat1 <- data.frame(aa = 1:5, bb = 5:1)

Which gives you a bit nicer output,
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Thank you I will look into that!

Oh right, that's a great idea, I add that line of code as well, Thank you much!

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