How do I create a 'program' that I supply to a my supervisor who is naive in R?

I've created a 'program' with 4 R files that contain a dozen or so functions that parse out metadata from binary data files which is saved as CSV. My supervisor wants a copy of it to run so that I don't have to download hundreds of megabytes of data files just to provide the metadata. We both use macOS.

Without knowing any better I created my code as a new project with a script called 'main' that controls the code and I run it by 'sourcing' main. We have no server to put it on. I know how to add a directory picker GUI so that the user's only function is to start the program and pick the data directory. I write a bit of information using message() as the files are processed.

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I once ran into the same problem. My solution was to create a custom function so she only had to run 2 lines and with one parameter to edit, the file name.

Is this an opportunity to use Shiny? (run locally)
If you add a field for accessing a directory and file-path, as explained here:
then your supervisor need only input that information and you're done.

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