How do I calculate Percent_of_all_samples using knitr and janitor

I am trying to create a third column in a table that shows the percentages of one other columns information out of the total. I have calculated my n values and now I just want to place that over the total number of data numbers I have. I have my two column table and this is the table I am trying to create with the third column added.

Below are two different approaches. The first uses the {janitor} package, and the second uses the {dplyr} package.

mtcars |>
#>  cyl  n percent
#>    4 11 0.34375
#>    6  7 0.21875
#>    8 14 0.43750

mtcars |>
  dplyr::count(cyl) |>
  dplyr::mutate(percent = n/sum(n))
#>   cyl  n percent
#> 1   4 11 0.34375
#> 2   6  7 0.21875
#> 3   8 14 0.43750

Created on 2023-03-20 with reprex v2.0.2.9000

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Thank you, stunning!

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