How do I calculate ANOVA over multiple categorical values

I am trying to make a comparison between multiple values of a categorical value. Either find tests that comparisons of only two variables or it doesn't necessarily provide what I want. I want to see if there are differences between race-ethnicity and HIV Diagnosis, is there a discrepancy between one's HIV status and the racial-ethnic group they belong.

I've been trying to use aov() but I get error messages or I don't get the F-test values

I suspect you do not want to use an ANOVA. See this paper Categorical Data Analysis: Away from ANOVAs (transformation or not) and towards Logit Mixed Models which suggests An ANOVAis not the best approach.

This somewhat less user-hostile note is also helpful Logistic Regression: Predictive Power for Categorical Outcomes.

We, probably, need some sample data and a brief description of the research problem for someone to be able to suggest an analysis approach.

A handy way to supply some sample data is the dput() function. In the case of a large dataset something like dput(head(mydata, 100)) should supply the data we need. Just do dput(mydata) where mydata is your data. Copy the output and paste it here between