How do I align the gridlines with customised tick marks in Openair plot?

Hi all, I am using Openair Package in R to plot a single timeplot() containing three lines on the same y-axis. I have customised the Y-axis limits and labels but the y-gridlines no longer align. The default y-axis limits aligned perfectly. I am using the following code:

EX_WD<-timePlot(EXT_H_Rich_Mac, pollutant =c("WDR_12OCT","WDR_3NOV", "WDR_29NOV"), y.relation="same",cols= c("blue3","firebrick4","red"),group=TRUE,lwd=2,ylab="Wind Direction [Degrees]",xlab="Time AEST",date.breaks=12,main="Wind Direction", fontsize=16,date.format = "%H:%M", ylim=c(360,0),scales=list(y=list(at=seq(360,0,-90),labels=c("North", "West", "South","East", "North")),x=list(labels=c("03:00", "06:00","09:00", "12:00","15:00","18:00","21:00","24:00"))))

My data is simply hourly datetime and three columns of wind direction for a 24 hour period.

Openair uses Lattice for plotting, I have tried to amend the gridlines using abline() and panel function but nothing is working. I am very new to R and would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

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