How do I align 3D landmark data to a Procrustes fit -using r package Morpho?

I'm using r-package Morpho - and I don't know which function to use to scale, translate and rotate the a landmark dataset onto the superimposed configurations by using corresponding landmarks.

I have an array of 3D landmark data defined as 931 x 3 x 4. For each of the four individuals (3rd dim) the first 617 rows contain soft tissue landmarks, and the following 314 rows contain hard tissue landmarks

combinedarray<-array(c(Comp1matrix,Comp2matrix,Comp3matrix,Comp4matrix), dim=c(931,3,4))

I've done a Procrustes fit for hard tissue configurations


Now I need to register the complete landmark configurations (soft and hard tissue) of all specimens within the bone-tissue shape space - how do I do this?

I've tried


but they only give me 314 rows of data, but I think I need a matrix of dimensions of the total landmarks (931)

Morpho package =
page 140 of this dissertation explains how to do it but I unfortunately don't understand it as I'm not a programmer URL: FreiDok plus - Soft-tissue reconstruction of the human nose : population differences and sexual dimorphism.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I think I worked it out :slight_smile:
I think it could possibly be the functions computeTransform and applyTransform.
I used a random hard tissue sample as the fixed landmarks and then I applied the Compute and Apply transform to each of the combined (hard and soft) samples



Fingers crossed its correct!

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