how do I add recession bars in a ggplot

Hi, I am looking to create a graph showing unemployment over the years and then adding in bars in the background of the plot highlighting periods of recession?

What code would I use for this? And do i need to use dates within the code?

Code I have tried is

ggplot(unemployment_data, aes(x=year, y=unemployment))+

However, I am unsure if how I use geom_rect() and if that is the correct function to use? Similarly, when I go to plot that ggplot as above, for some reason geom_line() doesnot work at appears with the error message
"geom_path: Each group consists of only one observation. Do you need to adjust the group aesthetic" - how do I fix this?

Thanks for any help

Could you make a reprex (Reproducible Example) of the dataframe you want to use for the ggplot?

With that I could be able to help.

dataframe looks like this:
Year unemployment rate
1971 4
1972 4.1
1973 4.5
1974 4.3
1975 4.8
1976 5.0
1977 5.6
1978 5.2
1979 4.3
1980 4.0

and it continues all the way to 2020

Easy way for future reference to make a reprex is to just put ``` before the start code.

Gonna take a look at it with the data you gave.

Year Unemployment
111  n
111  n
111  n

#Ideally this though
year <- c("111", "111", "111")
unemployment <- c("n", "n", "n")

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