How Date format conversion work in R

Not able to convert date from character to date format.

Is the system time zone different to the one in the database perhaps?

Hello William

Thank you for the quick response.
I am new to rstudio could you please tell me how do we check this timezone difference.

In R:


But it should just take it from your system.

I checked it is europe/berlin

Can this be problem in the code? as the date returned is of previous date and previous year

Hi there @Anuja ,

It may be a problem depending on your use-case/purpose. I think the timezone thing in R has been around for a while and probably has some history too (happy for anyone to support/contest that statement). Lubridate may have a solution for you by forcing Timezone rules when dealing with dates.
Check out with_tz() and force_tz()

# with_tz(time, tzone = "")
Date_to_Test <- ymd_hms("2020-01-01 00:00:01", tz = "Europe/Berlin")
with_tz(Date_to_Test, "GMT")

## Heterogeneous time-zones:
More_Test_Dates <- ymd_hms(c("2020-01-01 00:00:01", "2020-01-02 01:02:03"))
force_tzs(More_Test_Dates, tzones = c("America/New_York", "Europe/Berlin"))

force_tzs(More_Test_Dates, tzones = c("America/New_York", "Europe/Berlin"), tzone_out = "America/New_York")

force_tzs(Date_to_Test , tzones = c("America/New_York", "Europe/Berlin"))

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