How can we integrate so many tables in 1 view of shiny dashboard ?

Hello Community,

Although, been using Shiny/Shinydashboard for about 2 years, was not sure if so many tables along with comment box and pie chart can be embedded in 1 view which is the requirement.

Was not sure if the following dashboard is too optimistic to build in Shiny dashboard because there are so many tables to render in 1 view

Additionally, as shown in the figure below. Data for the dashboard is basically different columns from the same excel file

Possibly, RHandsOnTable instead of DT might help but not sure.

We cannot change the design from Shiny dashboard to shiny and just use Tabs but is there a way to overcome this challenge ?

Can you please suggest how can we incorporate so many tables in 1 view on Shiny dashboard (not shiny Tabs' please).

What is exactly a problem? I don't think Shiny limits you in any way to put as many tables as you want on one page. Sure, it'll look horrible, but if that's something that people want - why not?

Not seen integrating so many tables in 1 view of shiny dashboard.
Also, could use datatable but so many...not sure if it is realistic.
Additionally, we cannot allow the user to comment using DT.

Was looking for an example:
Rendering more than 2 tables in 1 view of shiny dashboard ?

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