How can we add drop-down and filter option in box header

#when i am adding drill down option it will add with chart but I want to add same like chart image which i have attached.


db <- dbConnect(MySQL(),
                host = "",
                user = "root",
                password = "abcd1234@",
                dbname = "hirenext")
knitr::opts_chunk$set(connection = db)

rs = dbSendQuery(db,"CALL getRequisitionsVSFilled('1', '1', '1', '1')")
Data = fetch(rs, n=-1)

ui <- dashboardPage(dashboardHeader(title=HTML("Analytic view - Recruitment"),titleWidth  = 280),
                    dashboardSidebar(disable = TRUE),
                        box(title = "Requisitions VS Filled",solidHeader = T,
                            width = 6,collapsible = T,
                            highchartOutput("Requisitions_VS_Filled", height="240px"))
server <- function(input, output, session) {
  output$Requisitions_VS_Filled <- renderHighchart({
    highchart() %>% 
      hc_chart(type = "column") %>%
      hc_xAxis(categories = Requisitions_VS_Filleddb$'mmm') %>%
      hc_add_series(name="Planned",data = Requisitions_VS_Filleddb$`Planned`) %>%
      hc_add_series(name="Filled",data = Requisitions_VS_Filleddb$`Filled`)%>%
      hc_exporting(enabled = TRUE,filename = "Requisitions-VS-Filled") 
shinyApp(ui, server)

for the purpose of providind a reprex (link), given that you dont require database support, but wish to have shiny/highcharter support, you would be wise to provide a version of your example code without database logic. You should in your own script, make a relevant database call.
when it is captured a la.


this provides an object,Requisitions_VS_Filleddb that you can make a textual representation out of with the dput function


this will produce text in your console, beginning with structure etc...
copy all of this and assign it the Requisitions_VS_Filleddb name in your code, i.e. replace data.frame(Data) with the copied dput output text. and eliminate all the db code for example.

Thanks in advance.

Thank u for this help Nir, but i want to add drop down and filter option in my chart header same like attached image. So which type of widget they use i want help about that.