how can saving large table?

I write a table summary with kable package and in this table I have 600 rows and 8 column and I want to save exit code in to pdf and png format but use pdf() give me this error Error in pdf(.) : filename too long in pdf().
how can solve it?

what filename were you trying ? is it very long ?

my dataset is not very long

what is the assumed file path ? I ask because that will be considered as part of the name

my path is working path or any other path.

So you are saying you can produce pdf with the same path and name so long as the data is smaller, you verified this. Its the data size that is the difference?
I expect that would make it hard to reprex, but I think you should try.

I have a dataframe by 600 rows and 8 column and want to get pdf exit but give me up error.

Here is a 600x8 kable table.
What code do you use to pdf it ?


       nrow = 600,
       ncol =8))

yes and you can save it pdf format ?


mykable <- kable(matrix(rep(letters,600*8),
       nrow = 600,
       ncol =8))

kableExtra::save_kable(x = mykable,
                       file = "mykable.pdf")

this way need to PhantomJS and trying to install pantomjs but many time it stop and can't to download it . do you know any way?

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