How can I use readr's automatic column type guessing for in memory tibble?

I am fetching data from an api which returns the data in tibble format without parsing column types for some columns. I would like to use readr's built in column type guessing functionality/a dedicated package to guess all column types from data as best it it can. Is that something possible?

I can write the data to disk as csv and read it back using readr but that is kind of hack I would like to avoid.

This is the api I am using, it uses the package cricketdata to get the data.

 career<- fetch_player_data(
                                 playerid =253802,
,                                matchtype = c("odi"),
                                 activity = c("batting")

I understand that within tidyverse each package tries to do one thing and do it well instead of building a monolithic api. It would be a cleaner solution to use the package readr depends upon to guess the column types instead of directly using readr.

Thanks in advance.

I believe it's readr::guess_parser(). Or readr::parse_guess() to parse directly. So a mutate(across(.fns = parse_guess)) should do what you need.


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