How can I use a LaTeX .tex (cv/resume) template for RMarkdown .rmd?

I want to use this LaTeX resume template for RMarkdown. How can I do it? Is there any good guide out there you would recommend to look at?

Thank you!

%% Resume template for Brown's joint
%% CareerLAB and Science Center LaTeX/Resume workshop

%% The template is based on the first
%% example resume on the CareerLAB website, available here:

%% I commented this document liberally to help you understand
%% what everything means and with the goal
%% of empowering you to modify the template;
%% feel free to remove the comments
%% if you want a cleaner .tex file.

%% Packages %%

%% For changing the margin size. %%

%% For colored text. %%
% -  See
%    for a list of predefined colors.
%    I'll explain how to color text.

%% For providing a link to your email. %%

%% For making compact lists.
% -  use itemize* environment for compact itemized lists, etc.

%%   New    %%
%% Commands %%

%% For making a new section in your resume. %%
% -  \noindent prevents LaTeX from indenting.
% -  \large makes the text slightly larger.
%    See
%    for a list of other font-sizing commands.
% -  \vspace adds a little bit of vertical space.
% -  \hrule adds a horizontal line.

%% For job titles and date names. %%
% -  \hfill fills up horizontal space until
%    the words to the left and the right are
%    as far apart as possible.

%% Miscellaneous %%

\pagestyle{empty} %% removes the page numbers.

%% The Resume! %%

\sffamily %% makes the text sans-serif

\textbf{\huge{Josiah Carberry}}

167 Angell Street, Providence RI 02912 
\textbullet\, \href{}{josiah\}
\textbullet\, Twitter: @jcarberry 
\textbullet\, (401) 863-3326

\leftandright{Brown University, \textmd{B.A. Music, honors candidate, 3.95/4.0 GPA}}{Providence, RI \textbullet\, Class of 2013} \\

\ressection{Digital Media Experience}
\leftandright{Brown CareerLAB}{Providence, RI \textbullet\,
September 2011 -- present} \\
Provides career advice, workshops, planning, and coaching to Brown students. \\[0.1em] %% \\ takes an optional argument, the distance
\textit{Social Media Manager}
\begin{itemize*} %% itemize* is from the mdwlist package
Developed long-term social media strategy for Twitter and Facebook. 
Analyzed success of Twitter engagement through follower counts and link-tracking to inform strategic decisions. 
Evaluated and reframed career content for students on Twitter, increasing follower count by 4\% per month.
Wrote and presented curriculum on using Twitter for job searches to students and professional career advisors.

\ressection{Skill Sets}
\noindent\textbf{Technical}: Proficient in Digital Media, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Sysomos, Google Apps, Quicken, ProTools, 
AudioVault, and Computer/Technical troubleshooting \\
\textbf{Non-Technical}: Trained vocalist, voiceover artist, speedy identification of most popular/alternative music 



It will require substantial knowledge about LaTeX and Pandoc templates. The biggest challenge is that it is not possible to translate LaTeX to Markdown perfectly: the translation is almost surely lossy (because Markdown is simple but LaTeX can be complicated).

If you don't or can't work on this by yourself, you can wait for my next package. Creating resumes is one of my goals.


Thank you @yihui! That sounds great! Looking forward to using said package. What's your ETA for it?

Perhaps anywhere from two weeks to two months.


First of all, anyone reading this please do me a favor not to promote the package publicly at the moment (especially on social media platforms), because it is a fairly new package that we just started working on, and I have only done about 10% of what I planned to do. There are also many rough edges and a lot of things are subject to change. You may have high expectations as I do, but I don't want to disappoint you.

Now for those who are brave and understand the above warning:


and create a new R Markdown document from the RStudio menu File -> New File -> R Markdown -> From Template -> HTML Resume {pagedown}. This is what the default template looks like:

There is no documentation but hopefully the template is self-explanatory. Open the HTML file in Google Chrome, and you can print the page to PDF. You need the fonts "Open Sans" and "Source Code Pro". Both are available on But you are free to use other typefaces if you understand CSS.

If you find any problems or have suggestions, please feel free to file to Issues · rstudio/pagedown · GitHub. Thanks!


Woah this looks great. Thank you!

Love this package so far!

Is it possible to add a summary paragraph below "sub: Currently searching for a PhD student position" like this (caption: maybe?)

Source: 40 Best Free Printable Resume Templates | Printable DOC

You can write arbitrary Markdown content in these fields, e.g.

    main: Lijia Yu
    sub: |
      Currently searching for a PhD student position
      Here is another paragraph.

You'd better devtools::install_github('rstudio/pagedown') again, though. Then you'll need some CSS skills if you don't want the full capitals.

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Thank you! I'll look into it

IMO, it would be very useful to have the template like the one below cause some people might not be familiar with CSS and having a short summary can be important for some industries

    main: Lijia Yu
    sub:  Currently searching for a PhD student position
    cap:  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam lobortis facilisis
sem. Nullam nec mi et neque pharetra sollicitudin. Praesent imperdiet mi nec
ante. Donec ullamcorper, felis non sodales commodo, lectus velit ultrices augue,
a dignissim nibh lectus placerat pede. Vivamus nunc nunc, molestie ut, ultricies
vel, semper in, velit. Ut porttitor.

Good suggestion. Thanks! Please reinstall the package from Github, and use the content field under title. Example: support more text in the title section (… · rstudio/pagedown@e1f0046 · GitHub


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nice... my old moderncv is starting to bore me :slight_smile:

I daresay you're already working at 150%, @yihui, but if you ever get the time once you publicly announce pagedown, I'd love to read a blog post on it, paged.js and its alternatives (if there are any for CSS Paged Media), and whether or not CSS Paged Media is also useful for non-print paged media, like eBooks :slightly_smiling_face: It seems like there's a pretty big ecosystem outside LaTeX now!

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@rensa Thanks for your interest for CSS Paged Media! I've talked about CSS Paged Media for R Markdown at the last uRos 2018 conference. You can find the slides for my talk here. I gathered some references in the slideshow (download the pdf version to get active links).
You will find alternatives to paged.js (mature ones are commercials). All these tools first appeared in the XML/XSLT-FO ecosystem (they are not new). There's also a newcomer I didn't mentioned: Oxygen PDF Chemistry (still in beta).
However, we are convinced that paged.js is the next big thing for CSS Paged Media. Although this polyfill is still in its first development stages, it does a great job!


Ooooooh, thanks @rlesur! I'll be checking those slides out ASAP :smiley:

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Hi Yihui! Do you think the font size is a little bit too small to read and the space in between sections is too large?

Very interesting talk. Thank you for sharing!

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Yes, I do think so:

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The resume would look really great after this issue is fixed. Fingers crossed!

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