How can I update changes in a Table (rhandsontable package) to a PostgreSQL database?

I have a very simple shiny App, where I Just display a Table (rhandsontable) with some values. The table is connected to a PostgreSQL database. I just need to know, how can I update the Table to the database. So when I edit the table in the shiny App, I want the database to be updated and when I call the shiny App, it should obviously display the updated values, new rows, etc. I am very new to programming in general, but I think this should be very simple. I read a bit about "CRUD" and this should be the way to do it, but I have no Idea how to write the code.


drv <- JDBC(...)

conn <- dbConnect(drv, host, user, password)

table = dbReadTable(conn, "db_table")

ui <- fluidPage(

server <- function(input, output, session){
  output$hot <- renderRHandsontable({

shinyApp(ui, server)

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