how can I solve this issue?

Good day my lovely ones, I am trying to deploy a shiny app so that my colleagues can have access to it but keep getting this error:
please what can I do?

Preparing to deploy application...DONE
Uploading bundle for application: 2528761...Error in inferAppPrimaryDoc(appPrimaryDoc = appPrimaryDoc, appFiles = appFiles, :
Application mode static requires at least one document.
Calls: ... withStatus -> force -> bundleApp -> inferAppPrimaryDoc
Execution halted

did you deploy through the rsconnect gui,
what files did you have checked ?

yes, through rsconnect.
I dont really understand the second question

in this example the checkbox selected the file called index.Rmd

mine looks like this.

there are some problems, first the title (there is a red warning for you about that.
Secondly best practice is to decide if you want an app.R based shiny app, or a ui.R+server.R app. (of course you can source in additional .R files, but for the shiny functionality to work nicer, one of these two standards is best kept to. Its a problem that you have only a ui.R in the folder root

thank you. I have finally deploy the app. But when my colleagues assesses it, it gives this error

An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification, this isnt same when I run this on R studio.

check the logs in the management console.
or use rsconnet::showLogs() function in your local R console, use the streaming option. and then try it on your local session should get the log streamed to it.

I found this as the error log, I dont know if i am to include install.packages() for all libraries on the server code of the published app or what could be the possible cause of the connection failure?

you should never have install.packages command in a app.

Your issue seems related to a database connectivity issue - ODBC

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