How can I set up Xpath for R crawler


I'm making a web crawler and struggling with using Xpath now.
It's about measuring VMT between each 600 subway stations in Seoul,
and needs to be set up the departure time.

I was trying to set it up to 8 AM, so I used Xpath.
But it doesn't work and I guess because it has to be scrolled.


↓ here's the map website.

(네이버 지도)

↓ and here's what I tried on Rstudio.

eight_o_clock = remDR$findElement(using='xpath',value='//*[@id="container"]/shrinkable-layout/div/directions-layout/directions-result/div[1]/directions-summary-list/directions-summary-list-transit-option/div/directions-summary-list-timeset/div/div[2]/div/div/div/ul/li[9]button')

would be super happy if anyone can solve this problem.

thank you.

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