How Can I Save my Entire Session

How can I save my entire session with the code and answers to Rstudio and export to my C: drive as a zip file.

I believe that my question was placed in the solved category, however, I have not seen a reply to how to save the entire session in order to export it to the C:drive of my computer.

The "this topic has a solution" box is not checked. What did you see that suggests it was "placed in the solved category"?

To export all of the files in a Posit Cloud project, go to Your Workspace and make sure that "Your content" and "Content" are selected. Click on the Export button for that project. It is an arrow pointing downward, the usual icon for downloading.

Thank you for responding back, however, I saw a response from one other person with this same exact answer. I have tried exporting the data the way that you are suggesting, however, the information from the entire session is not included from that export process. Are there any coding scripts which can be used, i.e. write.csv().
I know that this can be done on one set of data frames, however, is there a way to write the files so that the entire session is downloadable?

I would like to use the exported csv file in Kaggle for the case study results which are created from the RStudio information that I receive after running all of the codes of information. The file has to be uploaded to Kaggle.

When you are in your workspace there is a list of all your projects. Is that where you are when you click on the download button on the right side of the window? If so, I have no idea what is going wrong.

I have never used Kaggle so am of no help there.

Good luck!

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