How can I run shiny app in RStudio ?

How can I run app MOTE locally in RStudio ?
After library(MOTE) what do I do to launch it ?

The shiny app they show is not included in the MOTE library.
Its simply an app, that itself calls and uses the MOTE library.
They have multiple such shiny apps here:
doomlab/shiny-server: Shiny Apps from the DOOM Lab (
Its possible to run the 'MOTE' related app locally, by downloading the lot as a zip. (the green code button).
Unzip this to your folder of choice.
you will need to edit the app.R for the MOTE app, to make the working directory be the path of the MOTE app.
then you can run app.R

Could you please explain how I should do it ?

use setwd() as the first line of app.R, where the argument is the path to the containing folder shiny-server (i.e. the folder which has MOTE in it as a folder)

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