How can I remove hyperlink on DT's filter for a Shiny app

Hello Shiny Developers,

I want to select players on Datatable by using filter . When you transform your column as factor type, Datatable gives you a pop-up for filtering. It works fine but I have a hyperlink with player names. That's why, I can't only see player name while I filtering. How can I remove URL info for filtering.


Please take a look at the proposed solution on this stackoverflow post: How to filter columns containing hyperlinks in r DT - Stack Overflow

Also pasting below in case the link breaks


render <- c(
  "function(data, type, row){",
  "  if(type === 'display'){",
  "    var a = '<a href=\"' + row[3] + '\">' + data + '</a>';",
  "    return a;",
  "  } else {",
  "    return data;",
  "  }",

df <- data.frame(
  Val = c("A", "B"), 
  url = c("google", "stackoverflow"),
  href = c("", "")
datatable(df, escape = FALSE, filter = list(position = "top"), 
          options = list(
            columnDefs = list(
              list(targets = 2, render = JS(render)),
              list(targets = 3, visible = FALSE)
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