how can i move my r projects to a more structured and professional workflow in a server?

I use R daily to perform data analysis and create reports with Rmarkdown. I also use it a lot for the following pipeline: querying data, processing it and recording it in a spreadsheet in Google Sheets that feeds Dashboards in Google Data Studio. It turns out that all this I do on my machine, without any professional environment. I don't create virtual environments for better package management, for example. The update pipeline of several google sheets, for example, runs daily, automatically on my Windows machine (bat file).

A colleague wants us to start doing this now on the Linux server, in a virtual machine. Create an environment there and make it a little more professional. It turns out that I have no knowledge of Linux (I'll learn the basics in the next few days) and I don't know the best way to "orchestrate these Jobs" in R. For example, do I need Rstudio Server? Doing some research, I heard about chron. Would it be enough? Here, we have no team or structure. So I wanted to know where to look (materials for me to learn) and what would be the best way for me to make this a little more professional. I don't know how that works in an organized corporation that works with data. It doesn't have to be the most professional thing in the world, at least not right now.

I think the best answer to your question will depend on the environment you're working in. I have strong opinions on good ways to produce reproducible data science, but also, most of my work is done solo, and can be shared on a place like github. So, not really a best practice for your question.

I think one resource that might be useful is Posit's solutions engineering website and set of guides. It does have a strong bias towards Posit's professional products, but it's also is just a great resources to better understand topics like package dependency management, version control, CI/CD, auditing and monitoring in enterprise (complex, secure) environments.

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Totally unread but this may or may not help.

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