How can ı Merge dynamically created different sized dataframes

Hi my friends,
I try to merge dynamically created different sized dataframes. İs there any example to do this?

I'm not sure what you mean, could you post an example, as a reprex?

The standard approach for merging dataframes is to use merge(), or left_join() from the package {dplyr}. The size of the dataframes and the way they were generated doesn't matter for this kind of merge by a key.

If you want to put the dataframes on top of each other (rbind() or bind_rows()) or side-by-side (cbind()orbind_cols()`) then the size is important, and you have to describe your expected result.

For example there is a loop we run it then loop iterates 10 times and this loop produce 5 difderent result dataframes end of each iteration...ı need to merge loop results of 10 iteration if 5 main dataframe...

Could you give an example of what the initial dataframes would look like, and what the final dataframe should be after merging?

For example, do they have columns in common? Rows in common? What is the expected number of rows and columns after merging?

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