How can I let the users export a plotly plot in a app?

Locally, I am using the orca utility to export plots made with ggplotly. However, this utility is apparently not available in

Plotly has an option to download the plot as png. However, the size of the image is too small and I cannot change it unless I have the Professional subscription.

Is there any other alternative to export plots for apps hosted in

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You should be able to control the file type and size without a plotly account. See here -- 11 Exporting static images | Interactive web-based data visualization with R, plotly, and shiny

If you don't want to set a fixed size, and want to make absolutely sure that the image download uses it's full container size, you might have to do the following:

plot_ly() %>%
      # Make sure image download uses full container size
      toImageButtonOptions = list(width = NULL, height = NULL)