How can I import .csv file in the data frame in #posit cloud?

I have some issue regarding to import .csv file in the data frame . I am not able to understand how I can import file and perform other operations on that dataset . I downloaded the data set but not able to import in posit cloud . Please help me out torsolve this issue.

Were you able to upload the csv file from your computer to Posit Cloud? If not, go to the Files tab in the lower right pane and click on Upload. Click on Choose File, navigate to and select the csv file, and then click on OK. Check to make sure it now appears in the file list. If you have already done that, please show the code you are using to import it to the R session as a data frame and any error messages. I expect it to be something like

my_df <- read.csv("mydata.csv")
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Thank you . It is helpful for me.

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