How can I force my Shiny App to have a fixed size in pixels or a fixed ratio?

I just got into Shiny and programmed a sliderInput which basically changes a plot.

Now I want to implement this Shiny App into Unipark (similar to Qualtrics), where I can only use HTML (system restriction).

I implemented my app with an iframe of 1000px x 800px, which is the maximal size visible in the pop-out window from Unipark, which my sutdy participants will have as well.

How can I force my Shiny App to be exactly 1000px x 800px or at least fix the aspect ratio so I dont have to scroll in the iframe?

I've found some code to do this with javascript (Shiny dynamic content based on window size (like css media query)) but unfortunately my survey software supports HTML only.

I found this amazing website, how to dynamically resize iframes to Shiny Apps

Click here

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