How can I find a relationship between variables

I have this data, but don't know how to answer following question. Can someone help?
"Do you find any relationship between COVID-19 spread and economic policy uncertainty?"

Hi @rrr,
I can't see the data about the first link that you've used in this discussion, but if you want to find if there is any relationship between COVID-19 spread and economic policy uncertainty, you could you the pearson correlation

Hello, hope the link works now. But should I just simply find correlation between daily_policy_index and cases of covid?

I guess the spread should be measured as

Spread in a country = Cases per 1000 of population of a country (Cumulative Sum would be more appropriate on a daily basis)

and EPU as in the data is required for every country I think.
EPU = Economic Policy Uncertainty of a country on daily basis

As both are continuous variables we can do all kinds of scatter plots starting from geom_point etc. and find out if any relation exists.

Yes @rrr , perfect. However, I suggest you to make scatterplots with different data that you have in this moment, in this case you could use correlation function to see if two data have a good relationship or not.

thank you, how should I compute cumulative sum?

Use cumsum() for cumulative sum.

Documentation at:-

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