How can I explicitly link to the index.html in a Quarto book?

I'm used to using bookdown to create books that don't have to be hosted on a webserver to work properly. I usually keep the _book directory and make it available on a shared drive with my team so that when my users click a link from somewhere else, they are taken into the book that lives on the OS file system.

With quarto, just about everything works similar to bookdown in this regard. However, when I try to navigate to the index.html landing page, it seems that quarto is expecting this to live on a webserver so the links don't go to book-name/index.html, they instead go to book-name/. Which throws an error when I'm using this in the file system.

Is there a way to ensure the link to the index page in my table of contents explicitly refers to book-name/index.html?

Here is the link that appears when I hover over the bookdown index link in the table of contents.

Here is the link that appears when I hover over the quarto index link in the table of contents.

But everything else in quarto links explicitly to the page it needs.

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Do you know if this is possible ? Are we supported this special use case somehow ?

Thank you !

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Currently I don't think that it is possible - we fix up the links to the home page to exclude the index.html which makes them simpler / more attractive for what we expected to be the most common case (deployment via web).

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