How Can I deploy My shiny App : Private

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I am working on a research project of medical data where I build a shiny app for exploratory analysis. I am trying to make shiny apps available to my team and people who related to this project( Not sharing the same LAN)without them having to run or even have R installed. I had been reading about this quite a while but for private deploying, I didn't get any solid information. If its required to purchase any license or some fee needs to get paid and the data would be confidential, I won't mind doing that either. I was wondering if anyone can point me to some help regarding this topic?

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At my company, we purchased a licence of Rstudio Connect to help our user deploy content, among them shiny apps. The product is really awesome and it worth the licence cost. This is ready-to-use as soon as the shiny apps is working locally - deployment is really easy!

For special apps, we also have an instance of shinyproxy, an open source solution based on docker deployement for shiny apps. As we use DevOps pratice at our firm, it helps on some project to deploy an apps based on Shiny. This solution is open source but needs some involvement on devops pratices and skills in docker for example.


There is some discussion of how to deploy Shiny apps on this thread, including the option to deploy shiny apps as Windows programs with the R package RInno.


The official answer for people who don't want to run their own server infrastructure, is to use RStudio hosts it for you. There are paid plans that offer authentication/authorization for visiting the app (and none of these plans, even the free ones, will let users just download the raw data--unless of course you have built that into your app).


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Would you recommend us the nice option to deploy shiny app as our own server?
As I am working on a medical research project(the data is super confidential). the maximum number of people who will use the App is 30. We can assume they will have R on their computer but some users will be doctors who have more or less statistical skills.

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One of the nice things about RInno is that it runs locally on each user's computer. If you want to make sure users have R, add include_R = TRUE to your create_app call. RInno will then install R with your app if necessary.

For the data, you can keep it with the app or connect to it internally using whatever security scheme you have.

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You might find this post helpful for deploying with Jenkins:

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