how can I delete a particular word from a column of a large dataset csv file? unable to open in google sheet or excel sheets gets stuck.

is there a function key?

can I use na.omit to delete a word in csv file?


word_to_remove <- "are "
column_to_process <- "d"
(start <- tibble(
  d="how are you?"

(end <- mutate(start,
               across(all_of(column_to_process),.fns = 
                                       pattern = word_to_remove,
                                       replacement = ""))))

you can use readr::read_csv() to get your csv read in as a data.frame into R to operate on

*Edited: to select a particular column

hey I followed the formula you sent. but I could not remove the word. do I need to attach another string of formula with it?

because when I used, it did apply but did not make the changes

Please attach a small data set so others can test the result of running it with @nirgrahamuk's code. If your data set is named DF, you can share the first ten rows by posting the output of

dput(head(DF, 10))

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