How can I compare two apriori rules created from the same dataset

I have a dataset and I divided it into 2 datasets RANDOMLY A and B, where A is 70% of the main dataset and B is 30%... Then I applied Apriori algorithm on the both A and B separately, generating its rules..
I want to compare rules from dataset A to rules of dataset B
A has the following rules [(sex=0,age=1),(sex=1,age=1,money=0),(sex=0,age=2,money=2)]

B has the following rules [(sex=0,age=1,money=1),(sex=0,age=1,money=0),(sex=1,age=1,money=0)]
A(sex=0,age=1) => B(sex=0,age=1,money=1) returns TRUE
A(sex=1,age=1,money=0) => B(sex=1,age=1,money=0)) returns TRUE
A(sex=0,age=2,money=2) => B(sex=1,age=1,money=0) returns FALSE

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