How can I add colors to this ggplot?

Well, I want to add colors to a geom_col graph.

This is the graph. But I want to add the colors "azure2", "azure3" and "azure4".

I figured out that I need to use the scale_fill_discrete function, which I don't figure out how to use... can someone help me? I tried to use the "help" section on R, but I just couldn't understand that. I was trying to use scale_fill_gradient, until now. But my scores ("pontuação") are categorical, not continuous. I just need to learn how to add colors inside this function, but I couldn't.

Can someone help me?

I think you want to use scale_fill_manual(values=c("azure2", "azure3", "azure4")).

Lol, it worked!

Thank you!

I was trying to solve this for, like, 3 hours :joy:

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