How Can Get Geo-Tweet In A Bounding Box Starting From My Code?

HEllo everyone!

I need some help!

This is my code:

consumer_key <- "XXXXXX"
consumer_secret <-"XXXXXXX"
access_token <- "XXXXXXXX"
access_secret <- "XXXXXXXX"
create_token(app="XXXXX", consumer_key = consumer_key, consumer_secret = consumer_secret, access_token = access_token, access_secret = access_secret)
dcpm_a<- search_tweets("XXXXXXX", include_rts = FALSE, retryonratelimit = TRUE)
write_as_csv(dcpm_a, "provatweet.csv")

With this code I can get all the tweet that contain a certain word. Someone know what is the code to ask all the geo-tweet in a bounding box??

Thanks for your time

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