How can fill form and submit it

I have a form in website by many item that want to fill it automatic and send my data to site in milliseconds.
The features for fill is:
User, password, item1,...,item n, submit button
For this script to write, what is packages suggest and idea?

I think httr package. Read about how to POST

@nirgrahamuk do you have any example for it?

url <- ""
body <- list(a = 1, b = 2, c = 3)

# Form encoded
r <- POST(url, body = body, encode = "form")

thanks @nirgrahamuk
do you have an example in GitHub from login to website?
my website that scrape has captcha and how to add it to Post?

I'm not personally interested in attempting to defeat a captcha...If you think you have a legit need to access the data then maybe contact the data owner?. Good luck.

I want to login my owner page and get data from own page.
can I login without scrape and then scrap it?

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