How about pinning guides

It would be nice if the guides to how to do a reprex and to the homework policy could be pinned somewhere at the top of the Posit Community site. (Links, of course, not the whole guide.) Seems like they are the two most common needed responses.

I believe new users already receive pop-up notifications for on boarding content and guide lines, although, it seems they ignore them in most cases.

I think pining topics to the general board will take too much space making the use of small screens even more uncomfortable.

As you say, people seem to ignore what they get on first posting.

If links (just links, not content) were put right above the "blog posts" header it wouldn't add too much stuff since the space is now blank.

Yeah, but it has being previous requests to remove that white space and it is still there so I think it isn't going away any time soon and pining would take even more space. I guess for causal users a little more scrolling wouldn't make much of a difference but for frequent users it gets annoying.

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