Hours on Y-axis ggplot2

Hi !

I'm trying to realise a graph with ggplot2 about bats activity
Bats live the night so my data are during the night. I would like that those are in the middle of my graph and not on the side.

this is my code :

spsol<-ggplot(mydatasol, aes(Date_nuit,Temps))+geom_point(size=0.5) +
scale_y_datetime(labels=function(x) format (x,"%H:%M", tz="UTC"),
date_breaks = '2 hour',expand = c(0,0))+
labs(title="Activité des chauves-souris durant l'année 2020 à Mabompré Nord",
x ="Date", y = "Temps (Heures)")+
scale_x_datetime(date_breaks = "1 month", labels = date_format("%d %b"))

spsol + geom_density_2d_filled(contour_var = "ndensity")+
geom_line(data= H_lev_couch, aes(x= Date, y=Lever du soleil),color="red")+
geom_line(data= H_lev_couch, aes(x= Date, y=Coucher du soleil),color="orange")+

The graph that I want begin around 11AM , pass through midnight and end the next day at 11AM

and this is what I have


Thank you for your answer !

Hello @Mau_W ,

interesting. My first idea is to subtract 11 hours of each data_time value and put that right by changing the labels in scale_y_* .
But I do not know if that works out fine.
Could you provide a small sample of your data in reprex format so that we can play with the data (and possibly this idea)?


All of my coloms are "POSIXct"

Is it enought ?

This is not something I can work with. It is also not an example of data I would like to see in a reprex .
Maybe one of the other forum members is willing to help you out.

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