Hosted pins board_gdrive

I am looking to host a Quatro document that accesses pin data stored in a Google Drive board. Accessing the data requires authentication, which requires validation within a web interface. Is there a way to have the Google Drive authentication within the Quatro document without the need to web validation?

You can use package googlesheets4. You point it to your sheet in Google Drive and it opens a Google website allowing you to authenticate package access. A token will be created and form this moment on you will be able to access your data directly from R/Quatro.

Thank you for your response, but I am inquiring specifically to pins stored in a Google Drive folder, and the ability to authenticate without the need for a website popup. I am looking to host a Quarto doc on a hosting site (i.e. Quarto Pubs), thus the hosted version will not have the ability to authenticate via a website.

I'm sorry, I don't know what "pins" are, so this might not answer your question.

Under the hood, googlesheets4 uses the package gargle that stores the obtained token in a local directory. You can authorise access once, find the token file and copy it to the hosting site. If the hosted version can see the token, you might be able to run it without web pop-ups, as long as the token is valid. Having said that, it might require some effort to go through gargle docs and find the way of accessing a token file.