hoopR functions

I have a working script on my local workstation that uses the library hoopR. Everything works fine on my local workstation. When I use it on Posit Rcloud, some functions works and some do not.
As can be seen below, both of the functions: nba_scoreboardv3() and nba_todays_scoreboard() are from the hoopR library. They both work flawlessly on my local workstation. When I use them on the Posit Cloud, the nba_todays_scoreboard() works and the nba_scoreboardv3() does not work. Can someone tell me why this isn't working?

Thank you very much!

yday_gamesandscores<-nba_scoreboardv3(league_id = "00", game_date = yesterday)
2024-01-26 16:51:47.474918: Invalid arguments or no scoreboard v3 data for 2024-01-25 available!
Error in nba_scoreboardv3(league_id = "00", game_date = yesterday) :
object 'games' not found

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