Home directory for SSH Keys

I am working with on WIndows 10x64 with RStudio IDE. When I create a private key for Git, RStudio saves the key in c:\users\renger.shh. However, if I work in the bash and generate a key, it will be saved in my HOME directory which is c:\emacs\home. HOME is an environmental variable I defined as such.
Now, I have to copy paste the keys, if defined in the bash to c:\users...
Is it possible to set the path to where RStudio saves the keys?

I will defer to the IDE team re: whether this behaviour can be configured in RStudio.

But there is a great deal of ambiguity about where .ssh/ and Git dot files live on Windows, just in general:


(That link is about .gitconfig but I find that it applies to .ssh/ as well.)

So you might want to consider creating symbolic links to cover your bases.