Hologram package in R similar to whatever is done in Python such as Holography and Light Scattering in Python — HoloPy 3.5.0 ...https://holopy.readthedocs.io

I believe the future is in 3D holograms and not Virtual Reality headsets.
Having said that
I also believe there is tremendous scope for rendering 3D geographical /topographical maps in R using holograms.
This idea has cultivated some interest in the Python Community and I was wondering if R has something in place already or have I found unchartered territory for R.

Thinking about 3D geographical and topographical maps and related endeavors I would point you directly towards: Tyler Morgan-Wall. He has been responsible for work on rayrender and other packages: GitHub - tylermorganwall/rayrender: A pathtracer for R. Build and render complex scenes directly from R, with no external dependencies. and have a look here: GitHub - tylermorganwall/rayshader: R Package for 2D and 3D mapping and data visualization


Cool thanks.
Thanks for the comprehensive reply and with such haste.
All the more reason I love R

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