History panel not clearing

I have tried to clear all history from the panel, and it seems to disappear. Yet when I reopen the IDE, the history panel has no cleared at all. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

If you go to Preferences ( + , on a Mac), is "Always save history…" selected?

What version of RStudio are you running?

First off, I’m using Rstudio version 1.1.456. Next, your options screen is different to mine, and I can tell you the following:

Restore most recently opened project at startup is ticked, and the two items in History are not selected.


Peter Robertson

Further to previous email: unchecked first item I mentioned to you, and checked the two boxes in History. Closed the program, and then reopened Rstudio – it worked. But then that’s counter-intuitive. Isn’t it?


Peter Robertson

I'm not surprised that they look different, as I'm using the daily build (preview of the 1.2 release).

Can confirm that it works with "Always save history" in 1.1 build (from RStudio server— which should look more like what you're seeing)

You can submit this as a feature request or file it as an issue in the RStudio IDE github repo (though do note that any updates will obviously be to the latest version of RStudio).

Implemented the solution last October. No problems til now. Am getting statement "install.packages("vegan")" coming up in the History panel now. Why is this happening now? Is there a new thing preventing the history panel from being cleared? Note: I always clear Histpry panel before closing RStudio!