Histable - visualize the distribution of variables in a data table

Authors: Milos Vilotic - Twitter - Github
View the Table - Repo

Image 1: Visual response to user’s column click.

Image 2: Examples of Histogram visualization responses to selected columns.

The Histable is a Shiny app with an interactive DT table. When a user clicks on a column, the table styles cells to show a histogram of the selected values. Histable allows users to quickly visualize the distribution of a data series across table data.


Data source:
Randomly generated values used to fill Table with 20 columns.

High-level implementation steps:

  1. Randomly generated “main” table.
  2. Create a table with the same number of columns as the “main” table with all zeros (“target data”). Purpose of the “target” data is for styling the “main” table.
  3. Bind “main”, and “target” data into one table.
  4. Hide “target” columns in the app.
  5. When a user selects a column, the selection is used to calculate the histogram results.
  6. The histogram results are used to fill in the “target” columns with values used for styling the “main” table.
  7. Users can turn the histogram off by clicking the column once again. This resets the “target” data and removes it from the “main” table.