Highlighting (with color) specific cell values in a dataframe

I am trying to locate errors within a data frame and highlight them. I can subset the values I want (see example code), but I don't know how to highlight the desired values upon export (i.e. the instances where "90210" or "Doctor" appear in df1).

I know you can't highlight a CSV, so exporting as an XLSX is probably the way to go.

Any help is soooo appreciated

df1 <- read.csv("My Data.csv")

Test <- subset(df1, df1$Zipcode == "90210" | df1$Occupation == "Doctor")

It is usually not a good idea to encode information in formatting. I suggest that you make a new column to mark the rows with errors.

df1$ErrorMarker <- df1$Zipcode == "90210" | df1$Occupation == "Doctor"

That column will be TRUE or FALSE depending on the tests. You can then easily filter for those rows and conveniently use functions to process them in place.

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