high multicollinearity in a fully factorial experimental design GLM model

I am running proportional binomial GLMs with 2 factors (Test Salinity and Region) but I am running into an issue with high multicollinearity. The reason for this is because this is a lab experiment with a fully factorial design where individuals from each region were spit up across 7 salinities - so each region will have the same 7 test salinities.

Therefore, I understand why I am getting high multicollinearity (since there is complete overlap of all the variables tested) but I am wondering if I can simply ignore this when looking at the performance of the model as this was a part of the set-up and can easily be explained -or- do I have to run some other kind of model to predict my proportional binomial response variable?

Hey there, welcome!

but I am wondering if I can simply ignore this

Your estimates won't change, just your confidence interval will inflate.

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