High memory usage but no big objects in RStutio session

After I run a C++ code (through Rcpp code) to create a big text flie in my HD, my computer achieves a high memory usage, but I'm not creating any object in the R session. As shown in the firts code below, I have a high memory use but no big object in my RStudio session. At the same time that I have the results below the task manager shows that the Rstudio R session is using (for example) 6.5GB of memory. I think relevant to share that these memory use decreases slowly after the procedure ends, according to the task manager. It goes to normal short usage after 10-20 minutes.

Does anyone know how colud I stop this memory usage or how to identify why/where/how is this memory being used? I created my code to save the data direct to a txt file in my HD, I want to use less memory as possible.

> memuse::Sys.meminfo()
Totalram:  15.878 GiB 
Freeram:    1.547 GiB 
> for (obj in ls()) {
+   if ( object.size(get(obj))>1000 ){
+     print(c(format(object.size(get(obj)), units = 'Gb'),obj))
+   }
+ }
[1] "0 Gb"          "covid_country"
[1] "0 Gb"     "gridlogb"
[1] "0 Gb"     "gridlogc"
[1] "0 Gb"     "loadData"
[1] "0 Gb"             "loadDataUS_cases"
[1] "0 Gb"              "loadDataUS_deaths"
[1] "0 Gb"        "logpost_phi"
[1] "0 Gb"        "logpost_txt"
[1] "0 Gb"        "postphi_txt"
[1] "0 Gb" "Y"   

The C++ code that generates the text file is presented next. It opens another txt file, get the information, transform it an send it to another txt file.

void postphi_txt(NumericVector gridw,
                   NumericVector gridlogb, 
                   NumericVector gridlogc, 
                   NumericVector gridlogf, 
                   double M, double expmax,
                   const char* nametxt, const char* nametxt_postphi) {

  int nw = gridw.length();
  int nb = gridlogb.length();
  int nc = gridlogc.length();
  int nf = gridlogf.length();

  double logpost;
  double post;

  // postphi file (create)
  std::ofstream outfile;
  // logpost file (open)
  std::ifstream infile(nametxt);
  std::string line;
  for (int jw = 0 ; jw < nw ; jw++) {
    for (int jb = 0 ; jb < nb ; jb++) {
      for (int jc = 0 ; jc < nc ; jc++) {
        for (int jf = 0 ; jf < nf ; jf++) {
          std::getline(infile, line);
          logpost = std::stold(line);
          post = exp(logpost - M + expmax);
          if (post > 5e-9) {
            outfile << std::setprecision(8) << std::fixed << NumericVector::create( post , gridlogb(jb) , gridlogc(jc) , gridlogf(jf) , gridw(jw) ) << "\n";

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